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Amadeus Design manufacture bespoke furniture to your specifications. We produce a range of sofas, chairs and contemporary bed frames from our manufacturing plant in The Chilterns. Our bespoke services allow your designs to become reality, available  in leathers and fabrics of your choice and hand polished to your requirements. Over the past ten years in the thriving interior design industry, we call upon the expertise of our workforce to deliver your designs.





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As those in the industry will know, it is inevitable that sometimes designs just don’t work out the way you want them to. That is why, we offer a range of “back-list” furniture at a very reasonable price point. Available for purchase as you see them in the gallery. For questions regarding Ex-Stock products, please E-mail us.


Please note that Ex-Stock items are not available for modification and may differ slightly from the image shown


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Amadeus is rightly proud of it’s previous partnerships with clients, and on our "About" page, you can see some of the feedback we have received over the years.